The Inclusion Dashboard Consortium (IDC) is free to join, and members become part of a growing group of 200+ independent schools that network their resources to build authentic inclusion metrics in order to better serve their respective communities.

IDC resources are freely available to all schools. Schools are encouraged to follow this link to a shared file folder indexing materials created for and generated by numerous IDC retreats when schools have come together to explore new opportunities for measuring inclusion.

The Inclusion Dashboard Consortium (IDC) was founded by Kalyan Ali Balaven in 2017.  

He has written extensively on inclusion, measuring DEI data, what to do with that data, and whole student education; he also created Inclusion Factor, a database and resource think tank for diversity, equity, and inclusion. As of late 2021, the IDC and Inclusion Factor are now run by Bhavani Ali. 


Balaven continues to write and consult on issues of inclusion but now focuses his time serving as the Head of School of the Dunn School in Los Olivos, California and leading the Inclusion Lab, which he founded in 2021.